An Industry First in Methodology

Unbroken by healthcare process and policy change.

Our Vision

Innovating for Post-Acute Care

Post-acute organizations are facing significant change in the next decade.  As 2020 approaches, the year the baby boomer generation population surges into Medicare eligibility, the industry faces mounting pressure to adopt technology as a means to manage increased volume and reimbursement changes.  Statistics forecast an average increase of 96 patients per each of 12,000+ home health agencies currently in business.  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) also announced Medicare Advantage plans will cover non-skilled services in 2019. 


We identified these variables as a necessity for launching an agnostic cloud software with a simple user experience to provide better patient management.


Our approach gives you decision-making superpowers.    

Our Technology

Simplify. Enhance. Eliminate.

Our cloud software uses the science of human behavior and decision-making models to optimize patient workflow with a single-click. 


We built Hydra BPM to complement patient and care management software.  Plus, we did it without adding virtually any administrative burden.


Together with post-acute organizations and our partners, we want to bring something extraordinary to healthcare.

Decisions are a better idea
Using Spreadsheets for Patient Tracking?
Other Manual Process?

Our Intellect

Agnostic Software

Interoperability and technology investment are important topics across nearly all healthcare organizations.  Interoperability continues to be a thorn and the technologies required to operate medical organizations are costly.  We protect this investment as an API to ease interoperability concerns and improve your workflow without replacing software.

Concept Methodology

Our methodology focal point is multi-criteria decision making models.  The algorithms are built from specific, critical attributes of the patient workflow cycle.  We don't use flags, reminders, or automation because, frankly, they are minimally effective.  More appropriately, we use pattern recognition and predictive analytics to make precise decisions.

Machine Learning

Including machine learning means our decision-engine always makes the best available decision with the most up-to-date data.  This is vital in our approach due to the presence of consistent change in healthcare.  We expect our software to get better over time just like you expect of yourself and your business.

"Big results require big ambitions"



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